About me

G’day my name is Joshua Nicholson and I am outdoors nut.

While my 9-5 job is indoors, I prefer to be outside doing almost anything. After work and on weekends I can be found cycling, kayaking, bushwalking, swimming, frolicking in the surf or just anywhere out and about. Living in the northern suburbs of Sydney means there are many places to explore. I enjoy photography and love cycling.

Yes, I cycle as well as taking photos of bikes. A firm believer in the N+1 rule, I have a couple (ok a few, actually many) bicycles in my stable. Do I have a preference? Not really I like them all, if you analyse my Garmin records, there is probably more time on the road, but that’s mainly because I commute to work as much as I can. Living in Hornsby I have access to plenty of awesome rides, on the road and off it. The M1 entrance is not far from where I live so going for a road trip North is not uncommon.

I misspent much of my youth in Taree. So that means a lot of time riding on dirt roads, fire trails and some single tracks (way before the Taree tip riders ever built the official single tracks). The weapon of choice back then was my BMX. While that bike has long ago gone to two-wheel heaven, as an adult I purchased a 26″ BMX which is the most fun you can have on two wheels.

About the website

My purpose for the RidingFocus website is simple, to promote cycling. That means photos of races I’ve attended including a little race report, a list of clubs, calendar of events (races), other interesting cycling topics. Note some of this is in development and there are other plans for more. If you’d like to help in any of these endeavours please contact me, if you’d like to provide some financial assistance or product contact me. So what that all means, is I don’t care for discussions on which type of bike or rider is best. All bikes are good, each has their place I love to photograph (focus) on all kinds of cycling.

Use of photos from the site

In simple terms, for personal use, use away freely. If you want to post to any kind of social media, excellent. Use it as your profile pic, even better. It would be super nice if you tagged, gave credit to me or this website.

For Cycling clubs, again please use away freely. If you need some pics to promote the club, update a website, for a newsletter or promote a race that’s the sole purpose of this site, promote cycling. Again it would be super cool for any credits to be given to me / website.

For commercial use, this is where things change (for a bunch of legal reasons). Please contact me, the answer to cost, terms etc is “it depends”.

Printing of Photos

Having photos printed in a book, hanging on the wall or on the fridge is the best thing you can do for yourself. I really love the idea of photos being ‘real’ that is some physical and not just a few pixels on a screen. To this end, I strongly encourage people to print photos from this website. However here is the issue, the way photos are ‘processed’ for the screen and a printer is different. If you take a photo to a professional printer they will spend some time (or their systems will) to tweak a few things in order for the physical output to look its best. The main tweaks are increasing exposure, adding some sharpening, adjust contrast and the colour profile. The reason for these tweaks is your screens (mobile, tablet, laptop or computer) are all bright, very bright, often backlight and have high contrast settings so while the photo looks good on screen when printed it looks dark, a bit greyer and sometimes even a bit fuzzy. Now for the sales pitch; if you’d like to have some photos printed let me know and a couple of things can happen, a quick edit to make photo printer friendly or a complete re-processing of the raw image. This will ensure you’ll get the best possible result. If needed I am happy to liaise with a professional printer or send you the resulting image (jpg, tiff, png, pdf). Depending on the level of effort I will ask for a financial donation.

Some sad news 🙁

While I started the riding focus journey back in 2014, I’ve had a bit of time off recently. Initially, I just needed a break for a few weeks after capturing almost 400 races in 27 months. The second reason was the company I worked for got taken over, and my role became much more demanding along with a move into the Sydney CBD. Most recently a rather bad accident meant a broken leg, hmmm smashed leg would be a better description. After ten weeks of being bedridden, the two-year journey to recovery started and continues as I type this (June 2019). The xrays below show the amount of metalwork under my knee and the result of a fantastic 7.5-hour surgery.



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